Friends of Chinook School

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival November 21

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Student Workshops
November 21-22

Community Christmas Tree Lighting
November 30, 7pm

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Consult with us for rental availability for the Event Center (Gym) and upcoming events. Check our rates and calendar by clicking below:

810 Highway 101. The school is 4 miles going west from the Astoria-Megler Bridge, and 6 miles going south from Ilwaco. Turn onto Evelyn Road for more parking.
Chinook School Event Center

A Little About Us:

The Friends of Chinook School was founded in 2002 by local residents with a guiding vision ot save and restore the historic 1921 gymnasium, the 1924 Chinook grade school and playing fields. Friends of Chinook School is a non-profit 501(c)(3).

The mission of the Friends of the Chinook School:
“To refurbish and utilize the historic Chinook School for the cultural, educational, social, economic and recreational benefit of the community.”
Oregon Shakespear Festival Returns to Chinook's Angus Bowmer Stage

6-7pm Elizabethan Food Vendors & Ilwaco High Jazz Band

7:30pm Performance
Actors: Laura Montes & Joe Wegner
Admisstion $10

Tickets availabe at Bank of the Pacific or by calling Connie at 360-777-8859

For those of you who attended last year’s Shakespeare Event, remember the fun that we had? The delicious food offerings, and at such a reasonable price, the entertainment before the performance, and the great show put on for us by actors from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival were enjoyed and talked about into the Christmas season. The audience applauded vignettes from “On Golden Pond”, “Gruesome Playground Injuries”, “ Baby with the Bathwater”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “I Hate You” and “The Tempest”. For those of you who missed the event, circle the date on your 2014 calendar, Friday,
November 21!

This year Friends of Chinook School is sponsoring two days of workshops with the actors on November 20 and 21. The students had such a good time learning and actively participating that we have added a day to include more participants. Students who attended last year may be interested to know that in our summer visit to Ashland, we saw Christiana Clarke and Jeremy Johnson perform. Christiana had one of the lead roles in “Two Gentlemen of Verona” in addition to two parts in “Into the Woods”. Jeremy played three roles in “Richard the Third” and also two parts in “Into the Woods”. Both of them had some singing roles in “Into the Woods” and we were pleased to hear their musical talents. It was fun to know some actors in these performances.

We felt more connected to the festival and would recommend traveling to Ashland for great entertainment. At our own festival you will again be treated to terrific performances, fine music by local groups and the opportunity to purchase special goodies from select food vendors.

Want to Advertise or Reserve a 2015 Calendar?

Happy 2015! New Year's greeting? Not really, not yet. This is to tell you about our terrific new 13-month calendar for 2015. Because all friends of Chinook School know that businesses and individuals throughout the peninsula offer the best of the best, we wanted to feature flora and fauna of the area. Thus comes the newest Friends of Chinook School calendar, Beauty and Bounty of our Peninsula. In celebration of our Tenth Annual Oktoberfest, we will offer this calendar for just $10.00. First sales will be at the Oktoberfest, October 25, 2014. After our big night, calendars will be available at The Chinook Inn, Chinook Country Store, M&D Designs, and All Season's Kidstuff. Be sure to support our continuing fundraising efforts as you enjoy beautiful peninsula photographs by local photographer, Alice Schuerman.

There is another way you can support the FOCS calendar project. We are offering an opportunity for businesses and individuals to purchase sponsorships for $10.00 per listing on the calendar. Business name and phone contact will be listed with other business sponsors. Individual donors will be listed as FOCS calendar sponsors recognizing your support of our continued efforts to complete school property renovation. Donors may send $10.00 with the coupon below to Friends of Chinook School before October 15. Please mail to: P.O. Box 243 Chinook, WA. 98614. Your support is most appreciated.


Windows restored by Kevin Palo, Ten Mile Restoration, are now in place and new windows will be installed by the time Oktoberfest is celebrated! Soon to follow will be new entrance doors and side windows. Also this fall, Chinook School will be rewired. Starting in 2015 more improvements are in the works: plumbing will be roughed-in, insulation will be installed, a heating system will be operational and sheetrock will replace the failing plastered walls. All this work has been funded by FOCS memberships, fundraising, donations, and grants.

And now, as promised in our last newsletter, there’s even more great news!

The Washington State Heritage Capital Projects Advisory Committee has approved and recommended that a grant application submitted by the Port of Chinook/Friends of Chinook School be included in the next state budget request for heritage projects in the State of Washington. An award from this fund would be used for completion of bathrooms and plumbing, alarm system, floor refinishing, and the purchase and installation of an ADA lift. The Legislature has been very supportive of Heritage Capital Projects over the years but your support is important to encourage continued funding of heritage projects throughout the state. If all goes well, funds will be available in 2016.

The Templin Foundation has been a strong supporter of the restoration of the Historic Chinook School property. Early grants from Templin helped us save the buildings and a recent grant from Templin allowed us to increase our grant request to the State of Washington to help complete the restoration of the school building. We, like so many beneficiaries, say, “Thank you”.

The Chinook School Restoration Project still needs your help and support.
Congratulations to all who have helped get the project to this point but remember,


Open Gym
The gymnasium at the Chinook School
Event Center is open to everyone on
Wednesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30p.m. Children 5 years and younger need a parent or guardian present. PLEASE NOTE: Open Gym will not be held October 15th or October 22nd to ready the Event Center for our Tenth Annual Oktoberfest.For additional information on Open Gym
contact Sam at 503-298-1498.

New Board Members

We are pleased to announce the addition of three new board members! Join us in welcoming Jon Krager, Anna Lee Larimore and Kathy Hughes to the FOCS Board of Directors!